Workout - Morning or Evening?

Working out has become a necessity to keep yourself healthy, happier and stress-free, and we all want 100% results from our exercise sessions. So what exactly is the best time to workout, morning or evening ? When are you at your best, both mentally and physically, to absolutely kill your workout sessions?

Let’s quickly go through the advantages of working out in morning and evening:

Morning Workout: Advantages

1. Consistency: When you workout in the morning, the chances of skipping gym are very less. Once your regular day kicks off, you might need to go to work, have unplanned meetings, evening plans, lspending time with family or other distractions that may not give you that one hour in the evening, to pump muscle in the gym.

2. Better For Weight Loss:.Morning workouts kickstarts your metabolism early, so you will be more active during the day and burn more calories.

3. Higher hormonal levels: Body generally has higher testosterone levels in the morning, which is advantageous in achieving your goals.

Evening Workout: Advantages

1. Higher Strength Level: When you workout in the evening, you would have already consumed 3-4 healthy power-packed meals to give that energy boost and fuel for an intense workout session.

2. Better For Muscle Building:.Since your strength levels will be high after 3-4 healthy meals (probably containing complex carbs as well), you will be able to lift heavy weights to achieve your muscle building goals. 

Despite the advantages and disadvantages, working out in morning or evening totally depends on your individual schedule, preferences and what suits your body. Some people are early morning birds, who would prefer working out in the morning. They can too achieve their goals – be it muscle building (try taking a healthy meal before workout) or fat loss (can workout empty stomach as well with just coffee!). 

So the simple answer to Working out: Morning or Evening is – Anytime is the Best Time! Just be consistent, listen to your body and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Three months from now, you will thank yourself!

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