How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

In today’s busy and stressful lifestyle, it is tough to take out time for important things like health. Because of this our lives have become more and more sedentary, people do not want to go out, everybody is heavily indulged in their gadgets and more happy in being at home watching a movie rather than going out and meeting someone or having a walk or just play some sport. This is the major reason that people are getting more stressed, lazy and unhealthy and as a result nobody is happy in actual sense. This is why we are trying to find happiness behind our Gadgets like our mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. and we spend more time on social media than with actual people just to hide our sorrows, our problems and stresses as on social media we have created this fake life which seems to be happy.

The major reason of all this is that we have stopped paying attention to our health, our mind and our soul. As rightly said, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” there is an utter need in today’s life to make our bodies healthy so that our mind and our soul can be healthy. So, when our bodies will be healthy, we will be less lazy, stressed out and filled with more energy and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest. That will be the time we will be happy in the real sense. And continuing the above proverb “A healthy body will lead to a healthy mind, which will make a healthy person and that will make a healthy society. Thus, making the world healthier and a happier place to live.”

Now to achieve this we need to make very small changes to our daily life and we should decide to be fit and change our diets in a healthier way. A healthy lifestyle is the key to a Happier life.

The First Change that we might consider adding to our life is, start making some small alterations in diet. Healthy nutrition comprises of 50% of your healthy lifestyle. Healthy Diet will result into Healthy heart and a healthy body. The food should be nutritious as well, not just tasty because we are providing nutrition to the body and soul not to the tongue alone. Most important thing is to avoid junk foods. Because junk foods are very unhealthy, and they contain lots of simple sugars or we can call it dead sugar which is not at all healthy. The more sugar we take, the more sugar cravings we will have. So, avoid processed sugars as much as you can.

Start adding healthy alternates to the diet for e.g. more protein and fiber rich foods and replace your simple carbohydrates with complex ones like Brown Bread, Multigrain bread, multigrain roti, brown rice, Salads, fruits, nuts etc. but do not overload on these as well as extremes of anything is harmful.

Second Part of a healthy lifestyle is Fitness. For this, we must add some kind of physical activity to our routine. Everyone must have a fitness goal in life. Fitness Should be a necessity not a choice. There are lots of fitness lifestyle options, you may choose anything that might sound interesting and is easily accessible to you, but the important thing is that you must follow at least one of the fitness routines seriously. Because, with physical activity we improve our metabolism, improve blood flow and it will avoid lots of lifestyle diseases. Most importantly workout decreases our cortisol level so we feel less stressed and more happy and will be more efficient in whatever we do.

We can join a Gym and do weight training or perform some cardio, we might also consider Swimming, yoga, dance, Zumba, Pilates, or play some outdoor sport etc.

Also, if you have a health and fitness goal you might need some professional advice to help through your fitness journey and have a regular motivation in your way ahead. Consult Us to know more about how professional Diet and workout experts can help in your journey.


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